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Long Island

Harry Reid Warns Nevada Cattle Rancher Clive Bundy Who Resisted Federal Agents: “It’s Not Over”

April 14, 2014

by Brendan Bordelon Nevada Democratic Sen. Harry Reid had an ominous message Monday for Clive Bundy, the Nevada rancher who successfully faced down federal agents attempting to seize his herd for illegal grazing: “It’s not over.” Harry Reid on Bundy Ranch Cattle Battle: “It’s Not Over” April 14, 2014, The Senate majority leader spoke […]

Rush Limbaugh: Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich Fired Due to ‘Anti-Gay Marriage Campaign Donation’

April 8, 2014

by Brendan Bordelon Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh explained Monday how the left was able to shame Mozilla into firing CEO Brendan Eich for an anti-gay marriage campaign donation, saying that the left has been successful over the years in “equating opposition to them with hatred.” “What did Brendan Eich in was not that he […]

Republican Senator Ted Cruz: Turning Blind Eye While Illegals Cross U.S. Border “Not a Humane System”

April 8, 2014

by Brendan Bordelon Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz politely denounced former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s defense of illegal immigration, explaining that breaking the law is not “positive and beneficial” and that turning a blind eye while illegal migrants cross the border “is not a humane system.” Jeb Bush talking about illegal migrants wanting to earn […]

Police Task Force to Search LI Homes Without Notice in “ZERO TOLERANCE” Illegal Rental Housing Crackdown

April 1, 2014

by John Colascione According to News12, Nassau County Police will be enforcing a no notice, “ZERO TOLERANCE” crackdown in the town of Westbury, New York. The effort is to search and identify illegal housing units which landlords are using to make money and “victimize the community“. Video credit: News12, YouTube via The new housing […]

Britian: Parents to Face 10 Years in Prison for Starving Children of Love, Ignoring, Causing Emotional Abuse

April 1, 2014

by John Colascione Parents who deny their children affection could face prosecution under proposals for England and Wales being considered by the government. According to The Telegraph, a new change to a current law on “wilful neglect” would make it a crime under British law to do anything that would deliberately harm a child’s “intellectual, […]

Are Republicans Starting to Change Position on Same-Sex Marriage? Some Supporters Think So

March 27, 2014

by Jim Antle “A 55 percent majority support marriage equality,” states a report accompanying a TargetPoint-GQRR [Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research] poll. “While young people are at the vanguard of change, this survey also shows increased support among older voters, Catholics, non-college educated voters, and Republicans.” Gay Marriage NYC, July 2011. Jose Antonio Navas, Wikimedia Commons. […]

California DMV to Open Five Facilities to Process Illegal Immigrant Driver License Applications

March 27, 2014

by Chuck Ross The California Department of Motor Vehicles is setting up new facilities to process driver’s license applications for illegal immigrants alone. Last year, Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law a bill, AB 60, which will allow illegal immigrants to obtain the documents beginning Jan. 1, 2015. The bill was signed along with a […]

Michigan Police: University Student Who Claimed to be Victim of Racist Messages Fabricated Incident

March 24, 2014

by Chuck Ross A Grand Valley State University student who claimed to be the victim of racist messages fabricated the incident, campus officials have determined. In February, an African-American student reported that someone left racist messages and drawings on a whiteboard outside of their dorm room at Copeland Living Center on the Allendale, Michigan campus. […]

New Poll Reports 57% of Colorado Voters Convinced They Made the Right Decision Legalizing Marijuana

March 20, 2014

by Greg Campbell More than a year after legalizing marijuana — and two months after allowing it to be sold in retail stores — Coloradans are more convinced than ever that they made the right decision. A new poll by Raleigh-based Public Policy Polling shows that more Colorado voters support legal pot than when they […]

Media in Overdrive Reporting Studies Predicting Famine, Violent Conflict, Contastrophy from Global Warming

March 18, 2014

by Mike Bastasch Time’s Bryan Walsh wrote an article on Monday titled, “Climate Change Could Cause the Next Great Famine.” Walsh cites a study published in the journal Nature Climate Change, which says that “global warming of only 2º C (3.6º F) will likely reduce yields of staple crops like rice and maize as early […]

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