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Political Strategist: Republican Party to Go Extinct in Event of Presidential Election Loss in 2016

April 14, 2014

by Brendan Bordelon Democratic strategist James Carville had a dire warning for Republicans unconcerned about their upcoming candidate’s electability in the 2016 presidential election, saying that “if it loses the 2016 presidential election, the Republican Party will be extinct.” Carville spoke on ABC’s “This Week” about the Republican Party’s possible match-up against whom he considers […]

NBC Reporter: Sebelius’ Disastrous Daily Show Appearance Last Fall Helped Force Resignation

April 11, 2014

by Brendan Bordelon NBC reporter Kristen Welker said Friday that the White House was “concerned” by HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’ “quite rocky” Daily Show appearance last fall, adding that the secretary’s public relations blunders after the Obamacare rollout convinced administration officials it was time for her to go. Welker spoke with MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow about […]

Krauthammer: Clintons Have Biological Need to Govern; Absent of Medical Issue, Hillary Clinton Will Run

April 8, 2014

by Brendan Bordelon Conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer claimed Monday that nothing will keep Hillary from running for president in 2016, declaring that “the Clintons have a biological need to run and govern.” US President Bill Clinton, First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, and their daughter Chelsea on parade down Pennsylvannia Avenue on Inauguration day, January 20, […]

Democratic Sen: If Gardner Gets His Way, Abortion, Birth Control Could be Considered Crimes in Colorado

March 24, 2014

by Greg Campbell Republican Colorado Rep. Cory Gardner, once an ardent supporter of “personhood” laws that define human life as beginning at the moment of conception, said he no longer supports them because they also restrict access to contraception. Gardner made the statements to the Denver Post, calling efforts to add personhood amendments to Colorado’s […]

Former Press Secretary: Democratic Majority in Senate “Definitely, Absolutely” in Danger of Being Lost

March 16, 2014

by Brendan Bordelon Former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said the Democratic majority in the Senate was “definitely, absolutely” in danger of being lost — minutes after key Obama advisor Dan Pfeiffer declared his party would maintain control. Gibbs appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” speaking to David Gregory as part of a larger […]

McCain: America Must Reevaluate Relationship with Russia in Face of Such Blatant Aggression

March 16, 2014

by Brendan Bordelon Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain pushed for harder sanctions against Russia due to their impending annexation of the Crimean region of southern Ukraine, calling Russia “a gas station masquerading as a country.” The senator spoke with CNN’s Candy Crowley about the vote now taking place in the occupied region, largely seen as […]

Elijah Cummings: Issa Statements Extremely Thin on the Law; Crafted Solely to Create Headlines

March 14, 2014

by Brendan Bordelon Elijah Cummings, the ranking Democrat on the House Oversight Committee, struck back after Republican Chairman Darrell Issa dismissed his argument that holding Lois Lerner in contempt would be illegal, claiming the chairman’s response was “extremely thin on the law” and crafted solely to create headlines. On Wednesday, Cummings sent a letter to […]

Politico: Republicans Suck Slightly Less than Democrats; That’s Where Their Getting an Advantage

March 12, 2014

by Brendan Bordelon MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ panelists see dire implications for Democrats in the Florida special congressional election won by Republican David Jolly, with host Joe Scarborough calling Jolly ‘a terrible candidate’ who beat ‘top-notch Democrat’ Alex Sink. Scarborough spoke Wednesday with Politico’s Jim VandeHei and political analyst Mark Halperin about the race, which saw […]

Dr. Ben Carson: America Now “Very Much Like Nazi Germany; I Do Not Care About Political Correctness”

March 12, 2014

by Brendan Bordelon Dr. Ben Carson, the conservative neurosurgeon who criticized President Baracks Obama at a White House prayer breakfast last year, claimed America is now “very much like Nazi Germany.” Carson made the incendiary remarks on Monday during an interview with Breitbart TV, after the doctor had just finished speaking at the annual New […]

Senator Sanders: American People Tired of Establishment Politics Dominated by Big Money Interests

March 11, 2014

by Brendan Bordelon Socialist Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and liberal commentator Marc Lamont Hill both bemoaned the American media’s “coronation” of Hillary Clinton as the 2016 Democratic nominee, arguing that she does not represent progressive values. U.S. Independent Representative and Senator-Elect Bernie Sanders of Vermont Photo 2006, Wikipedia Commons. Sanders and Hill appeared on CNN’s […]

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