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Long Island Homeowners Find Breaks on Fuel Oil Online

Published on February 5, 2008 · Filed Under Uncategorized 

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home_heaing_oil.jpg (Long Island, NY) John Franco, President and CEO of LLC, operates the largest online price comparison website for home heating oil on Long Island. Franco, a Patchogue resident, designed the first online heating oil platform where consumers can choose their own price for home heating oil by zip code and order instantly from a local discount oil dealer. remains as the only free service of its kind. Franco announced today that a new “cash delivery” convenience was added to their website that will save homeowners an additional 5-10 cents per gallon over and above their current savings of 40-50 cents per gallon when compared to retail oil prices.
The average price of home heating oil in Nassau and Suffolk County as of Jan 28th, 2008 is $3.50 per gallon as stated on (New York State Energy and Research Authority). The average cash price of home heating oil on as of this article is $2.94 per gallon. That’s a .56 cents per gallon difference. A sure fire hit with all consumers that heat their homes with fuel oil.
Franco states that he created this “niche” in the heating oil market back in 2001. This system is fast, easy and free for all consumers. “It’s a win, win situation for both the consumer and the oil dealer”
“I grew up in the oil business”, Franco said. He’s worked in every aspect of the oil industry, from answering telephones, making oil deliveries to repairing and installing heating equipment. “I know this business” I designed to add integrity to the “C.O.D” portion of the industry where it was beginning to fall short of the “big guys”. “We’ve shown quite a few “big guys” and the thousands of customers that have already used our service that the C.O.D oil business is not only alive and well, but it is run by professional, hard working people that really care. Most of which are small, family owned businesses that can use the support that our customers provide them”
The success of did not come as a surprise says Franco. “I knew the public would love the idea of never having to call several oil dealers to check oil prices or to stay home all day and wait for an oil delivery”. is summed up in one word….Convenience. Now, couple that with the best oil prices on Long Island and New York’s 5 Boros and you have a great business model. One that truly makes a difference in the lives of Long Island homeowners.
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6 Responses to “Long Island Homeowners Find Breaks on Fuel Oil Online”

  1. Helen Kalodis on February 5th, 2008 8:58 am

    I have used quite a number of times and I was very pleased with their services. I just put my credit card number in and the oil arrived without a problem , normally I would have to sit home for hours if not all day waiting and waiting for the truck to arrive. You can compare prices and pick a company too. EASY !

    - Posted by: Helen Kalodis

  2. Georgette on February 4th, 2009 7:26 pm

    Codfuel is a wonderful site if you need to compare oil prices and so much easier than having to call up and schedule appointments. Also, much easier to pay then to wait around for drivers to deliver. Great idea!! The owner John Franco is also very helpful with questions or problems.

    - Posted by: Georgette

  3. John Franco on September 27th, 2010 8:12 am

    NY, Sept. 2010

    In an industry where Internet technology has not been at the forefront, Long Island, NY, based turns nine years old. is a pioneer when it comes to shopping for home heating oil on the Internet. Founded by John Franco, was first launched back in 2001 as a simple classified ad filled web page. While the on-line fuel oil ordering system was in development, local oil companies shared a single web page to promote their businesses.

    Now, many years later, operates in several states in the North East and several emulating Websites were launched but never caught on like Some of these Websites are owned by large oil corporations who guise themselves under another business name. Many lack the personal approach that offers their customers. “We are a small operation that focuses highly on customer satisfaction and appreciation over and above everything else”, Franco said. The convenience of one stop shopping and fuel oil price comparison between oil dealers is unprecedented.

    Nine years ago, when was being developed, oil companies and consumers alike were not ready for on-line heating oil. Franco had other thoughts and continued programming the Website. It wasn’t until 2004 when the actual launch of on-line ordering took place. “We started out with two oil dealers who had enough trust in us to put their name and oil prices out there for the world to see”, Franco said. Since then, has evolved into one of the most successful oil price comparison Websites generating more than 3 million dollars in savings for their customers.

    With savings between .30-.70 cents per gallon, when comparing to “full service” oil dealers, puts the customer back in control of their oil bill. Ordering discount oil may not be for everyone. Some consumers prefer to be locked into a long-term service agreement from a full service oil company or perhaps, that’s just what they were always used too.

    With the constant rising price of heating oil on the minds of 8 million oil heat Consumers, it’s easy to find out what various fuel oil companies are charging in your neighborhood. is a free service for all consumers and they can view current oil prices 24 hours a day without having to register or enter your e-mail address.

    Growth has been steady for, which puts on nearly 50 new members per day during the heating season. Slowly but surely, the fuel oil industry is becoming more in tuned with the Internet. It certainly enabled Us and our Vendors to discount their oil prices to our customers by decreasing costs involved with getting new customers and facilitating their needs. urges all professional fuel oil Companies in all U.S. States to register as a participating dealer.

    For more information, please contact:
    John Franco

    - Posted by: John Franco

  4. Long Islander on November 16th, 2010 11:21 pm

    I used this service recently as it was the first thing I thought of when thinking of who to call to get a COD delivery of oil last minuet. It was scheduled for the next day and when I got home I was very pleased to find the receipt from the company who was supposed to deliver in my mailbox just as I hoped for… I added a special note on my order to ‘leave paperwork’ becuase I would not be home….

    I was a little skeptical at first becuase it just seemed too easy, going on the site, finding good prices, and just picking the best one near me and all that…. But it sure turned out EXACTLY how it was supposed to…. Wow, what a cool service.

    - Posted by: Long Islander

  5. Eugene Marcus Jr on February 4th, 2012 8:21 am

    Hi my name is Eugene Marcus Jr and Im a new home owner looking for the best price I can get for oil. If you need to contact me please call 973-861-1351

    - Posted by: Eugene Marcus Jr

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